How To Change Background Zoom On HP And PC

It’s really easy to change the zoom background on mobile phone (HP) and PC, but sometimes you forget how to do it. Considering how often you use Zoom as a virtual meeting tool, this can be quite expensive.

To do that, you need some kind of instructions to change the Zoom background on your phone or PC. Well, you came to the right article here. Because in this article we will discuss it. How was the discussion? You can see below.

How to change phone zoom background

There are other ways to change the zoom background image on your phone or mobile phone. Here’s how Android and iPhone users can change the Zoom background image.

1. First, install the Zoom application on the phone you want to use.

2. You can search, download and install in Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

3. Once installed, you can click the Zoom icon to open it or click Invite Zoom to invite to an online class or meeting.

4. Then you can click the three dots in the lower right corner of the screen.

5. Then your Android phone will show options, click on “Virtual Background”.

6. On iOS phones, “Backgrounds and Filters” will appear. Click the menu.

7. You can then choose to use an existing image as the background.

8. Click the plus sign (+) to replace the image with your own.

9. Upload an image and select an image to be the background.

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10. You can then click “Close” and return to your class or meeting.

11. The zoom background has been changed successfully by following these steps.

How to change zoom background on PC

You can follow some of the steps mentioned below on your PC. like what? Please read to the end, okay?

1. First, install the Zoom application on your PC.

2. If you already have the application, open the Zoom link and log into your account.

3. After logging in, click the “Profile” menu.

4. Then click the “Settings” menu in the upper right corner of the screen.

5. You can then click the “Virtual Background” tab on the left side of the screen.

6. The next thing you can do is select the option “I have a green screen”.

7. Then you can choose the image you want to use as the background.

8. To add a new image, click the “plus” or (+) icon to add an image or video.

10. However, if you want to change the background during a meeting, click the icon with the “ᐱ ” picture.

11. Then choose “Choose Virtual Background” to change the image.

12. After that, the background will change automatically.

13. You have successfully changed the zoom background by following these steps:

Images that can be used for Zoom backgrounds

Knowing how to change the background in Zoom is an interesting discussion worth hearing about what types of images or photos you can use as a background. Backgrounds can look beautiful if you know because there are really no written rules that images and photos can be used.

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As quoted from the official Zoom website, there is actually no size limit for an image to be used as a background. So you can use almost any image and you don’t have to worry about choosing.

So it’s really free to use any pictures.

That’s it, the pixel size of the image used affects the appearance of the background. For example, if you use a 360×420 size photo or image, the display you get is definitely not good. This is because the image appears stretched.

We recommend using HD images or images that already have a pixel size of at least 1080×1920. This size allows you to display a nice, realistic looking background, so people will ask you about it.

Similarly, there are no practical limits for videos that can be used as backgrounds in Zoom. However, in the video you can pay more attention to the format used: MP4 or MOV with a minimum resolution of 480×360 pixels or a maximum resolution of 1920×1080 pixels.

So, can you change the Zoom background on phone and PC?

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