Here’s How To Check The Battery Status Of Your Android Phone (Update 2022)

Saving your smartphone battery for your daily activities is really important. Save battery so you don’t have to charge or charge your device multiple times a day.

In addition to this, there is one more thing that is very important to your phone’s battery. This is the state (lifetime) of the battery. The healthier your battery, the better your smartphone will work.

There are several signs that the battery is not healthy. For one thing, charging times aren’t as fast as ever. A “leak” battery is also a sign that your phone’s battery is not healthy.

You may have difficulties testing the health of the battery. Fortunately, Android has several apps that can perform battery health checks. One of them is an accumulator.

What is battery health?

Most people are familiar with the concept of “battery life”. This is the amount of time the battery can charge before recharging the device. But what many people don’t realize is that the battery life is more than the amount of time it can be used before charging. Also known as “battery status” or battery status.

Battery health measures how well a battery can hold a charge and how long it will last until it needs to be replaced. There are many factors that can affect the health of a battery, including its lifespan, amount of charge, and storage conditions.

How to check Android phone battery status

Testing HP Android Battery Health Using Accubattery

The main reason is that Accubattery can monitor the battery performance of Android phones very well. The app also provides a brief overview of its features, including research on battery life.

For one thing, according to Accubattery, charging your battery up to 80% is actually better than 100%. A charge of up to 80% is said to have better battery life than a full charge to 100%.

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Another reason to use Accubattery is that you can download this application for free!

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How to use the Accu Battery?

Upon start of use, this application first performs a calibration. After that, you will need to use the device as usual to get test results.

After a period of time, Accubattery collects information about your Android phone’s battery (and usage), and then displays the status in the app. The condition can be seen after a day or two of use, but the reports will get better after a few weeks or months of use.

Click the “Status” tab to check the battery status. In that tab you can review the performance of your battery and compare it to that of your new battery.

In addition to AccuBattery, there are several applications you can use to check the health of your HP battery. Some of them are Battery Doctor, Kaspersky Battery Life: Saver & Booster, and DU Battery Saver.

There are many applications that can drain your smartphone’s battery. What are the 5 applications on Android that slow down and waste your battery?

Does Android have a battery health check feature?

Unfortunately, the Android OS doesn’t have a built-in function or application to check the battery status. You can still view basic HP battery information though.

Basic information can be easily viewed. All you have to do is go to the Settings section and then select Battery. From there, simply click on the three dots icon in the upper right corner of the screen and click on Battery Usage.

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Some phones, such as Xiaomi, also display information about battery usage instantly. Yes, some phones don’t need to look for battery usage for this purpose.

In that section you will see applications that “eat” a lot of battery power. In fact, you can’t check the battery status, but you can tell which apps are using too much battery.

Can I get my Android phone battery back to 100%?

my answer is no In practice, battery health will continue to decline and may not improve. Battery health can deteriorate, one of which is due to an already exceeding standard charge.

Taking good care of your battery will last longer and improve performance. However, eventually all batteries will have to be replaced. If your device loses power faster than usual or isn’t charging normally, it may be time to replace the battery.

How to keep your android phone battery healthy

Do you want your smartphone battery to not drain easily? Follow the suggestions below.

1. Beware of batteries in extreme temperatures.

Do you often live in extreme temperatures? Too hot or too cold or too cold. This is very dangerous for lithium battery users. Extreme temperatures have a huge impact on battery power. Therefore, pay attention not only to the physical condition of the gadget, but also to the condition of the lithium battery. Remove from gadget and unplug if in extreme temperature.

Regarding temperature, it is recommended to keep your phone away from hot places such as in a car when the weather is hot. The use of HP on a full-time gaming laptop or PC is also prohibited. It’s like bringing HP to a sauna. Under these conditions, the ambient temperature makes the battery “sick”.

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Recharging via wireless charging is also not recommended as it can be detrimental to battery health.

2. Charging

Impatient until 100% charged? Naturally, and indeed, lithium batteries are more effective in the 40-90% range. So you don’t have to wait until 100%. If it is lower or higher than that, it will rust inside the battery and will not be in good condition.

In the past, batteries were memory-based. So if you don’t charge it until it’s fully charged, the battery can drain quickly.

Well, today’s batteries are no longer memory-based. However, always forcing above 90% or below 20% can drain the battery. As a result, the battery is not healthy.

Studies show that 20% or more and less than 90% of the batteries are the safest. A battery level of 50% is also considered best for cell phone batteries.

3. Do not charge overnight

There’s nothing wrong with the habit of playing with the gadget before bed, but sleeping while charging the gadget is a problem. Excessive power can damage the lithium ions in the battery. If used too often, the battery becomes “fat” and does not store power properly. So, set your charging time wisely.

But HP is now more sophisticated than ever before. So, the latest research shows that charging your phone overnight has less of an impact on battery health. This is exactly what can affect the health of the battery. In other words, you are reducing battery power and charging it too quickly.

Want to know more about how to maintain your battery? Check out the following documents: Follow these 7 tips to avoid draining your gadget’s battery easily.

So, now you know how to test Android smartphone battery health?

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