Here’s An Easy Way To Create Your WA Sticker.

How to create a sticker that can run on WhatsApp (WA) is requested by many. Of course, using stickers on the go will make you much more expressive when expressing something. The person you like can even send you a sticker and smile kindly.

Well, if you want to make your crush laugh by giving you animated WhatsApp stickers, this article might be the answer. Because this will be discussed in this article. Want to know how WA stickers work? Follow this article to the end, yes!

What are stickers and animated stickers?

Before we discuss how to create a moveable sticker in WA, it’s good to first understand what a sticker is. Stickers are small icons that you can add to your messages, called “stickers”.

These stickers are fun to use and can beautify the messages you send. They are of different types and can be animated/moving or static. In particular, you can now add your own photo and use it as a sticker.

To use it, simply open WhatsApp, tap the emoji symbol button at the bottom, then tap “+” (located in the bottom right corner). Tap the symbol to download and use the sticker from WA.

Animated stickers are stickers that move when you send them to a friend. Stickers move differently depending on the sticker. Some can move forwards and backwards or up and down, and some can rotate, move left and right, or move.

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You can find animated stickers in WhatsApp’s new sticker shop. You can also find existing stickers by tapping on them and then tapping “Manage Stickers” at the bottom of the screen. Moving a sticker and a sticker roughly means this.

How to make mobile Whatsapp stickers

There are several ways to send a WA sticker. First, you can create stickers without using the app. Another way is to use the app. How to make stickers? You can see below.

1. How to Move WhatsApp Stickers Without an App

It’s really easy to make animated WhatsApp stickers without an application. It just takes dedication and patience to do it. If you don’t want to bother using stickers, you can go straight to the second method. But if anyone wants to give it a try, you can see how it works below.

1. Open the WhatsApp application on your phone.

2. After that, open one of the chat rooms where you want to send the sticker.

3. Then you can open the emoticon function at the bottom of the screen and tap the emoticon image.

4. When you open it, there is a plus sign (+) on the right side of the screen.

5. If you have it, you will see a lot of sticker options available. Some of them are even made with moving animations. You just need to download it to use it.

6. Download the sticker and you can use it for any message you want to send.

2. How to make animated stickers with the app

The second method is actually very easy to implement. You can also turn your photos into animated stickers through this app. Well how? Follow the explanation of the points given below.

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1. Search for the app you want to use in the iSticker app or Google Play store.

2. The next step is to open a browser and type

3. When you tap the “Gif Resizer” button.

4. On WhatsApp, find the photo you want to make an animated sticker.

5. Then change the size from Width or Width to 512 and Height or Height to 512.

6. Then click “Resize Image”.

7. Then select WebP format on the Conversion tab.

8. Then click “Convert to WebP”.

9. Then download the file via “Download Image”.

10. Open the iSticker application or any other application, open the file you just downloaded, and crop/crop and save the image.

11. Then open the file manager on your phone and find the used Applications folder or iSticker folder.

12. Locate the sticker file and rename it or rename it to something else.

13. Copy and paste the filename into the downloaded GIF image, then copy the image to the iSticker folder.

14. Open the application used, or in this case iSticker, and press the “Add to WhatsApp” or “Add to WhatsApp” button.

15. Then you can use the sticker on WhatsApp.

Well, that was how to create WhatsApp stickers on the go that you can apply and imitate. I hope this article will help you make your heart flutter with the stickers you send. Also, sending and receiving messages is more fun with animated stickers.

So, do you know how to use moving stickers?

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