Easy Way To Convert Word File To PDF

Whether you’re in college or working, you’ll be dealing with a variety of documents. The two most commonly used document formats are Word and PDF. From final college placements to job applications and resumes, they are written in both formats.

Those who work in the field of written content creation will certainly be familiar with both formats. To create content, of course, write and save data in Word format. However, the format must first be converted to PDF in order to be published as white papers and ebooks that readers can download.

Why do I need to convert a Word file to PDF?

There can be many reasons for converting a Word document to PDF. You may need to send the document to someone who doesn’t have Microsoft Word. It is still one of the main reasons for the transition.

Another reason to convert a Word document to PDF is for security. PDFs are not editable, so you can convert them to PDF to make sure the document cannot be changed. This is especially useful for things like legal documents or contracts.

how to convert word to pdf

There are many software and applications available to convert Word files to PDF. Perhaps some of them are already on your laptop or accessible online. In fact, some even offer the ability to edit PDF files and convert them to Word.

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Student: What do you mean by software and applications? Here is the list.

1. Save the document as PDF in Microsoft Word

For users who use Microsoft Office to create and edit documents, you will find an option to save the file in PDF format. This is really easy.

– Open the Word document you want to convert to PDF.

– Click “File” and select “Save As”.

– On the Save page, select a folder to save this new PDF file to.

– Select PDF (*.pdf) in the “File format” section. Rename the document if necessary.

– Click “Save”.

Even if you return to the Word document page, the PDF file is already saved and can be opened using any PDF viewer software of your choice.

2. Use Free WPS Software

It’s hard to deny that Microsoft Office costs a lot, especially in the pockets of students. Instead of using a pirated version, many similar software are available for free and can be used without an internet connection. One of them is WPS Office.

The software developed by Kingsoft offers three applications: Writer, Spreadsheet and Presentation. Each of these applications is compatible with Microsoft Office’s Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files. As a bonus, WPS also provides an option to save the file as a PDF. The method is not too difficult.

2-1. Open the Word document you want to convert to PDF.

2-2. Click “Menu” and select “Export to PDF”.

2.3. Choose a file and choose the pages you want to save as PDF.

2.4. You can also change the file name on this page.

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2.5. Click the “Export to PDF” icon.

Even if they are compatible with files created in Microsoft Word, the fonts used in those documents cannot be used in WPS Office. So don’t be surprised if the font changes automatically when you open it. If so, be prepared to spend more time re-editing the document than converting it to PDF.

Interestingly, WPS Office also has the ability to convert PDF files to Word. So, if your Word document is lost or deleted, you can convert the PDF version to edit the contents of the document again.

3. Convert Word to PDF in Google Drive

Who doesn’t have a Google account these days? In addition to gaining access to Gmail, Google Account holders can also use Drive. Like WPS Office, this cloud-based service also provides three applications (Documents, Sheets, and Slides) that are compatible with files from Microsoft Office.

You can also convert Word files to PDF. However, your laptop must be connected to the Internet while doing this.

3-1. Upload the Word file you want to convert to PDF to Drive.

3-2. Double-click or right-click the desired file and select “Open with Google Docs”.

3-3. Click “Files” and hover over “Downloads”.

3-4. Select “PDF document (.pdf)” and the document will be downloaded automatically.

Like WPS Office, Google Drive provides the ability to convert PDF files to Word. In fact, it’s easier than converting Word to PDF.

After uploading the PDF file to Google Drive, right-click on the file and select “Open With” and then select “Google Docs”. The document automatically opens in Microsoft Word (.docx) format in an editable and downloadable format. However, the conversion result is not always neat. This is especially true if the file contains many images and other design elements.

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4. Convert Word to PDF Online

If you are in a hurry, there is an easy way to convert Word to PDF. You are connected to or connected to the Internet. Adobe Acrobat Online is one of the online services available. A service to convert Word to PDF format is also provided for free.

There are many reasons to use this service. Adobe Acrobat is a company that produces the PDF format. This means that the conversion results of these services are guaranteed to be good without changing the format too much.

Yes, please visit the following link to access the service. https://www.adobe.com/acrobat/online/word-to-pdf.html

Here’s how to convert Word to PDF using our online service.

4-1. Click the “Choose File” button or drag and drop the Word file (doc/docx) into the button area.

4-2. Select the Word file (doc/docx) you want to convert to PDF.

4-3. Acrobat automatically converts your Word file to PDF.

4-4. Download the converted PDF file in Acrobat.

how? How easy is it to convert a Word file to PDF? Try it yourself now!

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