Best CCTV Security Recommendations (2022 Update)

Best CCTV – Different types of CCTV cameras are manufactured with different features. Let the needs of the interior, exterior and night (dark place) begin. Some cameras are also equipped with technology that can accommodate all these requirements at once.

Best CCTV Features for surveillance

Currently, the use of CCTV is not the best solution for monitoring a home or office from criminal activity. CCTV can also be used for a variety of surveillance functions, including:

1. Night vision (watching in the dark or at night), detects infrared energy from heat and converts it into an electronic signal.

2. Remote monitoring, to optimize the functions of your CCTV cameras, you can now connect the functions through the application on the smartphone and the monitor at any time.

3. The baby cries, it can detect the cries and display a notification in the application.

4. Double communication, when you activate the microphone to speak to the person in the room where the CCTV camera is installed, you will hear the voice.

5. 360 degree environment, this camera can be rotated in any direction to record the surroundings, so you can hang it or stand it upright.

CCTV Camera Features

People use CCTV cameras these days. But few still doubt whether it is really necessary. To install your CCTV camera more reliably, you should know about the following CCTV features:

1. 24-hour security guard

Just because there are security guards in a public place or at home does not mean that CCTV is not needed. In fact, thanks to CCTV cameras, you can see not only quiet corners, but also crowded corners. If the police officer is careless or absent, the CCTV cameras will not stop working.

2. An affordable way to personalize your resources

Security guards ensure the safety of the place. However, paying for security isn’t something everyone knows they can afford, as it will cost a lot of money. Therefore, CCTV cameras can be an affordable alternative to keep your private things safe.

3. Help expose criminals

The gatekeepers are more protective of the place. However, it is not uncommon for criminals to escape from capital studies. Especially if the place doesn’t have 24/7 security. CCTV camera footage can be a tool to uncover criminals.

4. Crime prevention

You need CCTV to commit a crime, so you can commit a crime. In fact, you can buy fake CCTV to scare you.

5. A long distance real-time supply

For store owners, online CCTV is ideal because they can upload information about the atmosphere inside the store without having to visit the store in person. It’s the same thing about taking your eyes off the house when you return home or go on vacation. You can warn the house from time to time so that you don’t have to worry anymore when you leave the house.

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6. Help control a small child

In addition to the charge, the coaching activity also depends on the needs of each user. For example, if you are a parent who spends some time away from home or works, you can use a CCTV baby monitor so you don’t have to worry too much about your child being left behind. You can choose a portable CCTV baby monitor so that the attendant can move the baby easily.

How to keep the best CCTV in your home

In order for CCTV cameras to work well in providing surveillance, care must be taken in maintaining them. To optimize the function, pay attention to the following steps;

Parts 1. Always clean. Starting with lenses, drive units, internals, DVRs and monitors

2. CCTV camera to provide recording quality adjustment, camera mode adjustment and recording storage

3. Before installation, carefully pay attention to CCTV functions, timing, indicators and accuracy of telemetry

4. Back up your files regularly and optimize the storage function to avoid full memory for accurate monitoring.

5. Regularly update DVR firmware for good video recording configuration

The best CCTV recommendations for your needs

1. IP camera

In fact, the IP camera itself is very different from CCTV. However, both security camera products have entered. So many people are equal to two.

IP cameras rely on internet cameras. The IP of the camera is the IP for the Internet Protocol.

Another notable difference is that the IP camera does not require a digital video recorder (DVR) to operate. Request IP cameras from network recorders (NVR) to collect video images.

What are the advantages of IP cameras? One of them is that the images captured by the IP camera can be accessed anywhere. As long as you use special software, as long as it is compatible with your camera.

Basically, IP cameras work very well as web cameras. Did you know that webcams have high image resolution? The same goes for IP cameras. You can also find IP cameras with 1080p resolution up to 4K!

CCTV cannot achieve this resolution because it still uses analog signals.

Also, IP cameras have wide angle shooting. In other words, there is no need to install many surveillance cameras. The only one who can take the whole room.

One thing to consider is that IP cameras require relatively large quotas or bandwidth. This would cost you extra.

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2. Analog CCTV

As above, analog CCTV relies on analog signals to do something. The signals are “transmitted” from the camera to a digital video processing unit or commonly referred to as a digital video receiver (DVR). The DVR’s job is to convert analog signals to digital and store them on a hard drive.

Then you need to connect the monitor to the DVR to view the analog CCTV recording events. Interestingly, even today’s DVRs can connect to the Internet. As long as you connect to the Internet using a cable or using a LAN cable.

Analog CCTV recording quality is also not as good as IP cameras. Analog CCTV has a maximum resolution of just 720 x 575 pixels.

3. Child CCTV

For parents who are used to sleeping in a bed in their room, several monitoring tools are designed to monitor the condition of the baby. One of them is to use a voice baby monitor or a baby monitor. This tool helps parents monitor their baby’s sleep at home. This allows parents to do different activities while watching their baby, even if they are not in the same room. Parents also still hear their babies crying when they sleep at night. If parents use remote monitoring, an IP camera or online CCTV is a good choice. There is also a CCTV baby monitor with night vision to make sure your baby sleeps well, making it even easier to monitor your baby in a dark room.

Top Quality CCTV Brands to Consider

Not many manufacturers of CCTV cameras are popular with the public, but there are many quality camera series to consider. One of the important things to pay attention to in these modern needs is the integration of functions with smartphones and smart home devices.

1. Bardi Smart Outdoor CCTV

This CCTV unit is suitable for outdoor use. The design offered also lives up to its name as it is built to be easy to assemble and install. Interestingly, the device also features night vision. This means that the CCTV footage was still seen last night.

What’s more, this CCTV also has two audio modes. Therefore, in addition to recorded ambient sounds, the owner can also speak through this device. Like outdoor CCTV, the unit is also IP65 certified to withstand rain and hot sun.

It has a WiFi function that connects to networks for connectivity. Owners can also access this CCTV from anywhere through a smartphone application.

Bardi Smart Outdoor CCTV Price: Rp712.000

2. Bardi Smart IP Camera CCTV

One of the best surveillance cameras available right now is the Bardi Smart IP Camera. From the name alone, you can already guess that this product belongs to the category of IP cameras.

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This Bardi Smart IP CCTV camera supports high definition. It can reach 1080p Full HD. If you don’t want the camera to ” eat ” a lot of memory (higher resolution, larger capacity), the quality can be reduced to 720p via the Bardi Smart Home app.

For proper images, the camera relies on a 1/2.9″ 2-megapixel CMOS sensor.

The beauty of this Bard smart IP camera is its focus. The thin, flexible rod makes it easy to place in any corner of the room, be it on a table, wall or ceiling.

Bardi Smart IP Camera CCTV is also equipped with Crystal Clear HD night vision. This mode turns on automatically when the room is dark or gloomy. If the room is bright, the mod will return to normal view.

Interestingly, they are sensitive to motion detection. The camera can detect movement. The camera can give you an instant notification when there is movement. IP Camera Bardi has the ability to record only when it is moved to storage capacity.

So, speaking of storage issues, the Bardi Smart IP Camera CCTV can be equipped with memory cards up to 128GB (not included in the sales package).

This product can work with MALE-equipped phones and iPhones. Yes, the Bardi Smart IP Camera app is now available for Android and iPhone.

Bardi Smart IP Camera CCTV Price: Rp296.000

3. Bardi Smart Indoor PTZ

The specifications and functions of the Bardi Smart Indoor PTZ are the same as the Bardi Smart IP Camera. The difference is in the sentence.

Bardi smart IP cameras have a fixed field of view. If you want to see a different perspective, you have to move the camera in the desired direction. Bard’s smart IP camera viewing angle is 105 degrees.

Meanwhile, Bardi Smart Indoor PTZ viewing angle can be adjusted with pan 0~35 and tilt 0~60˚. The angle of this camera can see 360 ​​degrees.

As before, the Bardi Smart Indoor PTZ has the same features as the Bardi Smart IP Camera. So you will have a camera with full HD resolution, 1/2.9″ 2 megapixel CMOS sensor, night vision and motion.

You can also complete the product with a microSD memory card up to 128GB.

Bardi Smart Indoor PTZ Price: IDR 467,000

You can choose the best CCTV, and matching utility, it should meet your security needs. For actual monitoring, you can check smartphone application compatibility and CCTV camera function.

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