9 Ways To Fix Android Not Connecting To WiFi

How to fix can’t connect to Wi-Fi on Android.

Can’t connect to WiFi on Android (HP) phone? There are several ways to check for issues on Android. You can try 9 ways to fix Android can’t connect to WiFi problem.

1. Make sure you have a WiFi connection on Android.

Is the Wi-Fi connection turned off? This is done most often through ignorance, but more often. This is because you can easily manage content on your Android via Wi-Fi via the notification panel.

Conversely, Wi-Fi can be inadvertently disabled without the user’s knowledge. Of course, you can also check if your Android phone is in Android mode. When Airplane mode is enabled, Wi-Fi mode is turned off, so no Internet connection is available.

2. Check the network used the correct password.

Do you need to choose a password when entering the network connection? Connection problems can be caused by connecting to the wrong network. This can happen if multiple networks come from the same ISP. Also, make sure that the correct password is entered with the correct password.

The owner of the Wi-Fi router has updated the device password. Yes, I will immediately update my travel itinerary.

3. Restart your Android phone.

If the Android phone is not turned off or left on for a long time, the running system may crash. With each update, the page you open and the applications that run add a different Android code. As a result, the code accumulation can cause the HP to crash.

How then do I get rid of this code? One way is to restart HP.

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Well, this is also available on Wi-Fi. You may have a code that hacks your phone’s Wi-Fi system. Therefore, we recommend that you restart your Android phone.

4. Try a different Wi-Fi or network connection.

If you have two Wi-Fi hosts at home, try connecting both phones to alternate networks. If one Wi-Fi network turns out to be reachable, the other is definitely a problem. There is nothing wrong with an Android phone.

If you don’t have connections at home, go to a mall or another location that offers Wi-Fi. Try the internet connection. Yes.

5. Turn Airplane Mode On and Off.

If you’re too lazy to wait too long to restart your mobile, you can just turn the airplane on and off. Turn it on and off for 30 seconds and connect to the Wi-Fi network. Phone phone signal Wi-Fi can sometimes be restricted.

To turn this mode on, tap Settings > Network & Internet, then toggle Airplane mode.

6 Reboot the router device.

An Android WiFi connection can cause router service issues. To do so, unplug the router from the wall exit and wait at least 30 seconds before plugging it in. After that, you need to wait a minute or two to restart the router. Once the router is turned on, Android can reconnect to WiFi network.

Can you turn it? if less, two below.

7. Reconnect to ‘Delete Network.

How did I set it up? This usually happens when you have enabled the auto-connect feature (auto-connect) on certain WiFi connections. In this case, the Android must connect to the Wi-Fi network before it can connect again.

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This settings can be found on the Settings menu > Wi-Fi > and lets you select a network previously connected to Wi-Fi. A new window will appear on the screen with the “Forget” button to disjoin the WiFi connection. If so, repeat the network login process by re-entering your WiFi Web password.

8. Perform a factory reset.

If the upper-level WiFi connection doesn’t solve the issue on your Android device, another option is to try factory reset. This setting removes all the bugs on Android that can cause WiFi connection issues.

For this step, the steps are not difficult and can be done quickly. However, a factory reset will delete all data (pictures, apps, documents) on your Android phone. So make sure you have backed up your data before selecting this menu.

9. Make sure your Wi-Fi is not full.

Wi-Fi routers are unlimited devices not host. That is the limitations. Then open the router device settings.

Check how many devices are connected to the router. In many cases, delete gadgets or ” block ” do not use.

Hope it works!

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