7 Best Smart Lighting Recommendations For Home Decor

Have you ever seen a sharp light that can change the color of the light? Now, you can use these lighting features for your home decoration and lighting needs. In general, you can adjust the color of the lights according to your preferences and mood. Here are 5 suggestions for choosing smart lighting for home decor.

1. Philips 4x Smart WiFi LED downlight

If you’re looking for smart lighting with easy installation and powerful features, this Philips 4x Smart WiFi LED downlight is for you.

Controlled by remote control or voice control, this tasteful Philippos lamp is perfect for homes with high ceilings.

You can adjust the brightness and mode of the lights from warm to bright with the remote control. The lamp has a brightness level of 600 lumens and the white light is adjustable from 2700k to 6500k.

Not only is this lamp easy to operate, but it also saves you on your electricity bill with a power consumption of 9W. Philips claims this lamp will last up to 15,000 hours.

Unlike Philips Hue smart lights, this Philips 4x Smart WiFi LED light does not require a special center for installation. All you need is a regular lamp center to enjoy the advanced features of this lamp.

Philips 4x Smart WiFi LED Downlight is priced at IDR 469,000 today or 56% from the original price of IDR 1 million. Buy Smart Philips lamps here.

2. Philips Hue White and Color Mood Starter Kit

Confused about how much pain to choose? Why not buy a package from Philip with many options?

The first smart lights worth buying are the Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance E27 dimmable bulbs. With this lamp, you can choose 16 million colors. So you can freely change the color of the lighting according to your mood without feeling bored in the room.

To operate these Philips Hue lights, you can use voice control via Alexa, Apple HomeKit or Google Assistant.

In addition to using voice commands, you can also adjust the lights via a Bluetooth connection through your phone. For more complex setups, you can use the Hue app and connect to the Hue hub.

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As an alternative to traditional lighting, Philips Hue can save you a lot of money. This package includes 3 bulbs + 3 bridges with a warranty of up to 25,000 hours or 25 years.

The lights in this package are available in white and color options. Also included in the package is the Hue Bridge.

As the power source uses only 9W of power and uses an input voltage of 220V to 240V, you don’t have to worry about waste.

3 Philips Smart WiFi LED

Here, setting up the Philips Hue smart home can feel complicated. You need a special Philips Hue hub to work.

Now, in order to solve this problem, Philip has created an important consumer product called Smart WiFi LED. We will ensure that this device is simple to install and use. All you need is a WiFi router and an app called WiZ.

You can adjust the color of this Philips Smart WiFi LED via the WiZ app! So, for example, you can set the color white, red or yellow according to your taste and need! You can also schedule this pain to turn on the light or by itself.

Even better, you can control this Philips Smart WiFi LED with your voice! Several digital assistants are supported, such as Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri.

The power of the Philips Smart WiFi led itself is 9W, the voltage is 220-240V, and most importantly, it has a lamp life of 15,000 hours.

This Philips Smart WiFi LED is available from Bukalapak for IDR 207,000. Also, this lamp is also sold in a ” “Buy 2 1” package for IDR 182,750 (reduced from IDR 506,000).

4. Bardi Smart Bulb 12W

Do you want to have a funny lamp made by an Indonesian company? You can see the Bardi Smart light! Its features and capabilities ensure that they are not inferior to those made by foreign companies.

One of them is supported for 16 million colors! This way you can choose any color you want!

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Music is also a function called function. This feature allows the smart lighting to change automatically according to the music modules.

The power of this lamp is 12W. 1,110 lumens reach the brightness level. Interestingly, you can lower the 110 lumens if you feel it’s too bright.

The Bardi Smart Bulb RGBWW 12W WiFi Wireless IoT is very easy to install. The reason is that it uses the E27 thread, which is the most common mounting fixture in Indonesia.

To adjust the lamp you need to use the Bardi app available at Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Also sometimes the lights turn on and off whenever you use the app. If you connected your lights to the internet via WiFi, yes.

5. Xiaomi Yeelight Bedside Lamp

Choose the Xiaomi Yeelight lamp, you can enjoy the colorful lighting. This stunning lamp is designed to be placed next to your bed, allowing you to adjust the size of your bedroom to your heart’s content.

The Xiaomi Yeelight is designed in the shape of a tube that can be connected via Bluetooth connection. If you want to adjust the lamp to your heart’s content, the settings can be done through an application that can be downloaded from Android and iOS gadgets.

Not only can this gadget function be adjusted via the app, but also the brightness and color of the light can be adjusted with the touch sensor. Different touch gestures allow you to create different colors according to your mood in responsive and practical settings.

Xiaomi Mi Band users can also do practical synchronization with this smart light to keep track of time and exercise. If you turn to sleep before dawn, it will immediately turn off. So you no longer need to set up your card using manuals.

6. Philip Hugh

This smart lamp from Philips offers portability, practicality and wireless functionality. Even if you use it at home, you can move the lamp storage place, such as bedroom, family room, kitchen, etc. The shape is also unique and minimalistic, like a bowl, harmoniously placed with various ornaments in your home.

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The light function settings of this lamp can be adjusted according to the hour of activity. In the morning, you can adjust the intensity of the soft light to start your activity in a warm and comfortable atmosphere. This lamp requires a bridge function to connect the integration of the Philips Hue lamp with other Philips Hue lamps. When connected to the network, you can set a time to turn the lights on and off via an app on your device.

This portable light runs on a 1.5 hour rechargeable battery for up to 3 hours of play. The location of this lamp is also practical and easy to move if you want to create a warm atmosphere in your container.

7. LIFX LED Lights

LIFX is available in a variety of lamps with various shapes and functions. If you are new to lighting, you can choose the LIFX Z LED Starter Kit that can be purchased online in Indonesia. After receiving the starter kit, simply adjust the installation of the light to be installed on the surface of the desired room.

Once installed on any surface in a location of your choice, you can connect the LIFX lamp directly via a WiFi connection. Once connected, the application (available for Android, iOS and Windows versions) for your device to install led light functions more useful and easy.

After the app is installed on your device, you can adjust the color and properties of the LIFX lights to your heart’s content. You can also adjust the color of the lights depending on the mood you want to create in your home.

By default, you can access smart features using either Bluetooth or WiFi wireless connection. You can easily access the controls from the device. For brand recommendations, you need to make sure that you have the lights that are available for your needs.

Well, these are the recommendations for the best smart lights that you can buy from Bukalapak. Which one are you most interested in?

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