24 Best And Quality Earphone Recommendations

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The best reviews are always easy. The reason is that mostly everyone has different ideas for which earphones are best for them. But Centro recommends 18 earphones that may be suitable for use.

1. Nakamichi HQ X21

Nakamichi has been working on producing audio equipment in Indonesia. One of the most common earphones that deserves to be on this list is Nakamichi HQ X21.

This product comes with activities of different sizes. There are 2 Dynamics used in size 9.2mm + 7mm. Each “track-kick” guarantees an accurate sound.

Nakamichi himself claims that HQ X21 is designed for professional audio and those who engage in gameplay.

In addition, the Nakamichi HQ X21 has an ergonomic design. As a result, they are very comfortable to use.

Nakamichi is equipped with HQ X21 microphone. This is useful for those who want to voice voice users using earphones.

They can purchase the Nakamichi HQ X21 official Nakamichi booth in Centro for Rp 127,072 (about Rp 550,000).

2. Editer H185

This is a familiar story. Yes, Edifier is perhaps the best earphone brand you will see. However, the H185 Edifier is one of the best polls available at an affordable price. This product stands out for the same level of sound. Ideal for users who individually prefer the bass sound.

Yes, this product also offers up to date designs and attractive colors options. You can choose blue, orange and green units.

Type: Earphone

3. Elibooz Sabia V6

This product is one of the best earphone brand in Korea. Interestingly, instead of working with sound, these earphones can produce sound. The audio notes are dynamic with pretty good highs and mids. The bass was quite loud without a dominant tone.

The Ellibird Sabia V6 earphones are also equipped with a microphone and remote control. You can also use this technique to complete and receive vocations.

Type: Earphone

4. Sony MDR-EX15AP

This unit is an earphone with a genre in ear monitor. Even so the drivers used are very small, like 9mm neodymium. Therefore the circuit frequency that can be captured is 8Hz-22KHz. Thus a sufficiently wide range of frequencies can be obtained.

This product also has a microphone and remote control. This feature allows you to hear and call out and receive music. The sound is also pretty clear.

Type: In Ear Monitor

5. Soundmagic ES18

Another in-sounding ES18 monitor is to be selected. This one product comes with 10mm drive. Because of the heavy driver experience, this unit can produce the best sound. They also tend to be more perfect with a pretty capable base.

This product also comes with a 1.2 meter length cable. You can do this in order to set up these cables so that they don’t get in the way of moving. This product does not have a remote control microphone.

Type: In Ear Monitor

6. Sennheiser MX170

Sennheiser is already the best known earphone brand among audiophiles. To this end, the Sennheiser MX170 will no longer be questioned. The sound coming out of these earphones is brilliant with the limestone bass.

With familiar sounds, the Sennheiser MX 170 is the perfect nectar for lovers of dance music and for those looking for the best mega bass earphones.

Type: Earphone

7. Knowledge Zenith KZ-ZST

This product is also included in all-purpose earphones. One of the highlights of the Zenith KZ-ZST earphones sound is wide-ranging. This product allows you to listen to live recordings with high-effect 3D effects.

Therefore the Zenith KZ-ZST knowledge products are the most suitable for listening to all types of music.

Type: In Ear Monitor

8. Sennheiser IE 300

The following earphone products are available at prices that will surprise you. It’s still the price and of course the quality that Sennheiser IE 300 would like to introduce: the device costs Rp 4 million, making it the most expensive on this list of the best earphones.

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Nevertheless, both the quality of the materials and the sound of the Sennheiser IE 300 nectar are unmistakably used. Because it uses TrueResponse technology, the sound is definitely very good and comfortable. Not a single thing is made, but it’s worth it. Buy, don’t regret it.

Type: In Ear Monitor

9. Philips SHE1350

If earphones are expensive, don’t worry. The list of the best priced affordable earphones is still long. You can also choose from the Philips SHE1350 earphones. Interestingly, this brand new product also comes with a 2 year warranty.

The sound produced is very good. The Philips 1350 can provide a soothing sound guard. This product can also be a perfect instrument for listening to dancing music.

Type: Earphone

10. dbE HF10 Revision II

Apart from the Elibuds Sabia V6, the earphones are still locally available. This product is known as dbE HF10 Rev II. Among audiophiles, this device is one of the highlights. Especially if the product is reasonably priced.

The characters of the voice presented are pretty good. Bass and triple produces very well balanced. That’s why these earphones are ideal for listening to shot and classical music.

According to the report, the DB is the very best home earphone brand that is owned by audiophiles.

Type: Earphone

11. Audio Technica CLR100IS

If your brand has a very good earphone, then Audio Technica artifacts can’t be omitted. This device has the CLR100IS. These Audio Technology earphones have a great triple sound and come with a cool surround system.

Notes Sounds: The Audio Technica CLR100IS is ideal for listening to acoustic music.

Type: In Ear Monitor

12. Build H180

EDIFIRE seems to be the best earphone brand, which aims to produce the best earphones at reasonable prices. Thus, in Position 9, Edifier H180 earphones are also available as another option. Unlike the H185 series, it offers clearer bass.

Thus, the Edifier H180 earphones can also display the sound of any music correctly.

Type: Earphone

13. JBL M330

In addition to Audio-Technica and Sennheiser, JBL is also one of the best brands of many earphones to be used as the flagship. It is bundled in an artistic leather bag, so it looks luxurious.

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For sound quality, the JBL M330 earphones are also rounder for listening to all types of music.

Type: In Ear Monitor

You still can’t find the product you want? Follow this list of the best album reviews at the end.

14. Bido

If you think you can’t find any earphones with less than 50,000 won sound quality, check out these Vido earbuds. Although at a low price, these get your phone capable of competency. These are the best mega bass albums of its kind.

They come in a temporary package and tend to look cheaper, but the sound from these video video artwork produced is actually pretty good. These earphones are perfect for listening to dancing music.

Type: Earphone

15.Philips SHE3800

Like the Edifier, Philips has a lot of good earphones for customers. The difference is that the Philips SHE3800 earphones have more regular and sound features. But these best earphones can still listen to e-music.

But the cables that are used on the Philips SHE3800 tend to be shorter to limit user mobility. And if that’s not a problem, the Philips SHE3800 might be the best mega bass earphone at a decently low price.

Type: Earphone

16. Benji

Next on our list of best-known features is Benjie. The sound characteristics of Benjie earphones are almost identical to those of Philips SHE3800. These two products differ only in appearance and in bundle. The low video packs resembles the Benjie earphone.

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The bass is not very dominant and the triple and the middle one hear fairly comfortably, so the sounds are more balanced. Ideal to hear different types of music

Type: Earphone

17. Ponzi S760

If you need earphones for a workout, the Muscle S760 may be the right choice for you. In addition to being able to provide relatively good sound quality, these earphones also come with a microphone to respond to your calls.

Funky S760 earphones have a comprehensive concept of natural sound effects. This product can listen to all types of music well.

Type: In Ear Monitor

18. Proclus 616

If you are looking for the best earphones for an affordable price and stylish design, the Phrodi 616 is what you are looking for. Available in black and red, the product also has a microphone to answer calls.

In addition to their pencil, Phrodus 616 earphones can deliver great sound. The result is a very bright and powerful base, with the bass not dominant. It is suitable for those who want to have a very versatile type of earphone.

Type: In Ear Monitor

19. Parreal Iris

For those who want an affordable, inexpensive product, Parreal has the Iris solution. The drive used for this product is 15.4mm, so the 20-22,000Hz frequency is achievable. It is quite wide.

The cables also have the test load of 35 kg. Don’t hesitate and buy longer. This is because these TPE jacket cables are flexible and easy to install and use.

Type: Earphone

20. QKZ AK6

If what you’re looking for is not in this list of best features, you can try the QKZ AK6. The device now uses a 10mm drive with a double magnet, which can capture sound at frequencies of 20-40000Hz.

The sound produced on the QKZ AK6 is more dominant in the bass earphone, followed by a triple later. This monitor handle is also equipped with a microphone, which can be used for telephone use. The resulting sound is very clear.

Type: In Ear Monitor

21. QKZ CK5

The next excerpt in our list of earphones with the best sound is the QKZ family that still has the CK5 series. It is a little cheaper than the AK6 but can produce good sound. The reason is that these earphones throw away 9.2mm NdFeB.

The sound produced on the QKZ CK5 earphone is very clear and has poppy bass. Like the AK6, this device also has a microphone that can be used for sound calling or recording. The quality of the voice produced is undoubtedly unmistakable.

Type: In Ear Monitor

22. KGIS P1 .

Then in our list of three earphones is KGIS P1. These earphones sometimes seem to be preferable to audiophiles. The drive using this device is very reasonable, since it is already 15.4mm in size, which can sound like a Sennheiser product.

In fact, from some sources I have collected online, the KGIS earphone sounds better than the Vido. This device provides near perfect separation. You can hear the bass hum and very delightful triple clarity very well.

Type: Earphone

23. KZ ZSN Pro

For those who want a device that can produce the brightest sound, you can view the KZ ZSN Pro on this list of the best earphones. Yes, it’s a bit expensive, but considering the sound quality, I think it’s worth buying.

The KZ ZSN Pro earphones come with a hybrid drive that can capture sound in frequencies of 7-40000Hz. Latitude is a frequent frequency that you can hear clear sounds in the middle. If you’re looking for a product with strong bass, this product may not be your choice.

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Type: In Ear Monitor

24. KZ ZS3

The next best sounding earphones from KZ or Zenith Cognition Family is ZS3. If you’re looking for Zenith product knowledge that can deliver powerful bass, the KZ ZS3 is the answer.

The design of the KZ ZS3 is an ergonomic in-ear monitor, so you can use it for a long time. It is very comfortable to wear. Especially for games that require strong bass and fast-tempo music, the KZ ZS3 can be the best earphone.

Type: In Ear Monitor

Tips for choosing the best earphones

If you’re still confused about where to buy earphones, here are a few tips. So it’s easy to choose the right one.

So what are you looking forward to choosing earphones? Here are some tips.

Example 1. Choose you

Donec nonummy elit. Some use the shape of the monitor handle, but others rely on earphones. It is important to understand that both of these examples can affect ease of use.

For the original warning of the ears, the canal of the ear is usually inserted into the ear. Especially since you can’t listen to music, you can’t listen to the sounds all around, so you’ll get a natural crashing function.

Then there are the earphone models that come together. For this model, earphone pads only cover the ear canal. As a result, it is more likely to stick or stick in the tip. So you can hear extra sounds while enjoying music.

If you want to use public translation, we recommend using the earphone nectar model. For this example, you can listen to the presentation over and over again. Never forget this way to your destination.

2. Identify the use of earphones

Once you’ve figured out the original product name you want to buy, it’s time to decide what kind of earphone you’d like to use. In this way you can decide which earphones sound you can buy.

For example, you would prefer to listen to dance music in the electronics genre. This requires dominant earphones with familiar sounds. This is because if you have work with such a character, you can enjoy this kind of music more fun.

Also, if you want to play games and use earphones, you need a pretty detailed product. This, look out for earphones balancing notes with sounds. In general, that is, these essential species can be used for various needs.

3. decide budget to buy

With every purchase, economic issues will certainly have a significant impact on decision-making. Like you like it or not, this broker will have its limits on finding the items you want to buy.

But it is also the Gospel. You don’t need a lot of money to buy sounding earphones. But whether your needs are for employment/professions or listening to music, there is another problem.

Because if you’re a sound engineer or disc-driver (DJ), you can only use a 100,000 rupiah product. Because the level of a detailed sound foreseen isn’t the same as the product’s worth tens of thousands or millions of dollars.

Get your daily use. The price is very large. Benji earphones range from IDR 50,000 for as far as tens of millions and millions of millions of gamblers like the Razer Razer game.

We hope the above suggestions and tips for finding the best product reviews make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for. You may also have the best earphones that will suit your daily needs. So, you can buy any device on this list of the best earphones from Centro.

You already know who buys the best earphones?

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